Route for temporary workers in the chemical industry in Sittard-Geleen

The temporary living spaces of Delta Immo GmbH are often rented by companies looking for accommodation for their employees. This usually involves technical skilled workers. They are not seldom employed in Sittard-Geleen, on a large industrial estate in the chemical industry.


We’ve noticed that good accessibility is a big plus for our living spaces. Because our customers are located both nationally and abroad, all agreements are made on a large distance. Not only with us, but also with their own customers who hire the skilled workers. Because we regularly receive questions about the easiest routes between the workplace and our accommodations, or about practical facilities within the region, we have listed a few tips.

1.The chemical business complex Chemelot is located in the province of Limburg (in the south of the Netherlands). It is easily accessible thanks to the proximity of the A2 and A76 motorways. As soon as you drive on the highway, at exit 48 (Urmond / Sittard), you will see part of the huge business park. At the end of this exit you turn right and follow the signs. Due to the immense size of the complex there are various gates. We therefore advise our customers to provide clear guidelines to employees. You can take a look here for a first impression of the itinerary.

2. The German accommodations of Delta Immo in the border region are mostly located in and around Gangelt. The distance from our accommodation to this chemical giant is approximately 18 kilometers. This means a travel time of approximately 15 minutes. Thanks to the nearby Bundesstraße B56, there is a smooth and fast route where you quickly cross the border.

3. Since the local facilities with public transport guarantee much longer travel times, almost all of our tenants opt for transport by car. This means that we provide sufficient parking facilities at all our homes. We have our own parking lot at almost every housing location. This way, employees’ cars can be parked safely.

route Gangelt to Sittard-Geleen

We’re expanding

Due to the constant and even increasing demand for temporary living spaces, we are constantly expanding our range. We are currently looking at a number of options in, among others, Beek, Stein and Geleen (the Netherlands). We also have specific plans for new living space in Selfkant (Germany). Keep an eye on our website for new developments! You can view the current properties here.

Applicable regulations EU and Germany for temporary housing

We always follow the applicable regulations of Europe and more specifically, Germany. Amendments to legislation relevant to us are immediately processed in our administration. Any consequences arising from this for our tenants will be communicated shortly and in writing.

There are currently no legal changes that apply to our services. We will of course keep our customers informed.

For more information about the current regulations, you can of course always contact us.

We follow EU and German legislation. Wij hanteren de Europese en Duitse wetgeving. Wir halten uns an die geltenden Vorschriften Europas und Deutschland.

Rental conditions

Delta Immo GmbH rental conditions:

Upon conclusion of the reservation or move into the rented room / house, the renter agrees to the following conditions.
1. The rental period always extends over a complete week, from Saturday to Saturday (7 nights) throughout the week, whereby in the case of an interim move in and out, the entire week is always billed and has to be paid by the renter.
2. If the rental period ends within or at the end of two weeks, the renter will be charged a one-time cleaning fee of € 15, – per room.
3. Per tenant and room before moving into the room / house a deposit of
€ 100, – to pay.
4. The rent is charged to the renter for every 2 weeks and is to be paid by the renter by way of advance payment.
5. The renter is responsible for compliance with the house rules of Delta Immo GmbH, as amended. The renter confirms that he has received a copy by e-mail. In the residential properties of the Delta Immo GmbH is a copy of the house rules.

Please contact us for more information.

Good agreements


Both during the period of your stay in this property and upon final departure, you are obliged to follow the agreements below. If you fail to follow these regulations, the related costs will be charged to you and / or your employer.
Art. 1 – These rules and regulations are visibly displayed at the entrance and on every floor of the house. It is binding for every tenant and resident. The regulations are neither limited nor exclusive, and can be changed at all times according to decisions of Delta Immo GmbH.
Art. 2 – All rooms and common areas must be inhabited in a dignified and decent manner. That means:
Art. 2a – For safety and hygiene reasons, the kitchen unit, hob and sink should be cleaned after each use and at least once a day. In addition, the hob must be consistent turned off. It is strictly forbidden to pour frying fat, other fats, rice, coffee grit and the like into the kitchen sinks. In the event of a blockage, a check will be made and the costs of the blocking will be charged to you and / or your employer.
Art. 2b – For the sake of safety, the common parts such as the entrance hall, the stairwell and the passageways must always be kept clear. The placement of bicycles, materials and the like is therefore strict
Art. 2c – After using the bathroom and toilet, these spaces must be left tidy.
Art. 2d – Lighting and heating in both the common areas and in your own room must be used with common sense. Switch the heating to a lower setting if you use it all day are absent. Turn off lights in the rooms where you are not.
Art. 2e – Damage that occurs as a result of connecting electronic devices that do not belong to the inventory of the home, will be recovered from you.
Art. 2f – Parking is only permitted in the designated parking spaces and therefore not on the sidewalk or public road. Be alert for possible oil loss from your vehicle.
Art. 2g – All waste belongs unseparated in garbage bags. These bags must then be thrown into the appropriate containers.
Art.3 – The common parts of the houses are cleaned weekly by a cleaning team from Delta Immo GmbH. It concerns the bathrooms, the toilets, the kitchens, the halls and the stairwell. The cleaning team will in no case accept orders from residents and / or tenants, nor perform cleaning work in the individual rooms.
Art. 4 – Your own room must be cleaned by yourself. This means, among other things:
Art. 4a – The room must be aired daily. Therefore, open your window and turn the heating on or off. Clean up and remove food scraps from the room.
Art. 4b – The bed linen must be washed and dried weekly by you as a room user in the washing machines and dryers provided for that purpose.
Art. 5 – All objects present in the home remain the property of Delta Immo GmbH. Upon definitive departure from the home, your room, kitchen and bathroom must be delivered as follows:
Art. 5a – Mattress cover, duvet cover and pillowcase must be folded and placed on the bed.
Art. 5b – The furniture must be put back in its original place.
Art. 5c – Any food scraps in the room or in the kitchen (kitchen cupboards, fridge) must be thrown away in the designated waste bags and waste container.
Art. 5d – Any damage and / or loss must be reported to your employer.
Art. 5th – The room door must remain open with the key in the lock on the inside of the room door.
Art. 6 – There is a general smoking ban in the home. This also applies to your own room. If you do not adhere to this agreement and damage occurs as a result, you will be personally liable for it asked.
Art. 7 – The entrance door to the home must always be locked to prevent people who are not supposed to be accessing.
Art. 8 – Every resident must respect the tranquility in and around the building and must not disturb it at any time.
Art. 9 – Internet is available in the home. The use of the internet during your stay is entirely your responsibility. All internet traffic is registered on our IP address. Illegal downloading is prohibited.
Art. 10 – Delta Immo GmbH reserves the right to carry out inspections of the home and rooms at irregular times and without prior notice. Any identified imperfections will, with substantiated photos. The costs arising from this are entirely for your account. Moreover, Delta Immo GmbH is authorized to put an immediate end to any stay without repayment of the paid rental and deposit amounts, if a resident does not comply with the house rules.

For more information about the internal rules, please contact us.

Coming soon: new rooms in Gangelt

We will soon be adding new rooms to our range in Gangelt. We will complete the renovations around December 1, 2019 at a new building on the Luisenring.
This new home offers space for 8 people. There are 2 bathrooms and 2 kitchens. These are of course completely furnished and equipped with all conveniences. Crockery, pots, pans, cutlery, glassware … Everything is thought of.
The entire property is adjusted to our known quality standards. For example, the rooms, which are exclusively for 1 person, will all be offered furnished and furnished. There is a television with satellite connection in every room. There is of course WiFi available throughout the building.
As in every building, there is also a laundry room here. Here are the washing machine and dryer that can be used by anyone at all times. The bedding of our guests is also washed here weekly. Our cleaning team takes care of this. This naturally also applies to the weekly maintenance of all central areas (kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, stairwell …).
There is ample parking space behind the house so that the cars of the (temporary) residents can be parked safely.
Our own cleaning team will ensure that this new building is delivered completely clean.

Contact us for more information.

Huis in Gangelt voor 8 personen. Haus in Gangelt für 8 Personen. Hause in Gangelt for 8 Persons.

Fully furnished rooms

Our fully furnished rooms (for 1 person) in the Sittard-Heinsberg and Gangelt region are equipped with Wi-Fi, a private television and a satellite dish. The central kitchen is practically and completely furnished. The bathroom meets all requirements. Of course there is a laundry room with a washing machine and tumble dryer. These are available at all time.
All housing locations guarantee sufficient privacy for the individual residents. To ensure a pleasant stay in our living spaces, we ensure that all central spaces (kitchen, bathroom, staircase …) are properly maintained.
By choosing a temporary living space at Delta Immo GmbH, you can count on an all-in package. This means, among other things, providing and changing bed linen on a weekly basis. We also take care of the cleaning of the general areas. We offer modern central kitchen, sanitary and laundry facilities. In addition, the costs for gas, water and electricity are included in the monthly rent.
Furthermore, there is invariably free parking space available at all locations.
In short, our living spaces are attractively and practically furnished. This way everyone immediately feels at home.

Badkamer 1 voor 4 personen. Badezimmer 1 für 4 Personen. Bathroom 1 for 4 Persons