Rental conditions

Delta Immo GmbH rental conditions:

Upon conclusion of the reservation or move into the rented room / house, the renter agrees to the following conditions.
1. The rental period always extends over a complete week, from Saturday to Saturday (7 nights) throughout the week, whereby in the case of an interim move in and out, the entire week is always billed and has to be paid by the renter.
2. If the rental period ends within or at the end of two weeks, the renter will be charged a one-time cleaning fee of € 15, – per room.
3. Per tenant and room before moving into the room / house a deposit of
€ 100, – to pay.
4. The rent is charged to the renter for every 2 weeks and is to be paid by the renter by way of advance payment.
5. The renter is responsible for compliance with the house rules of Delta Immo GmbH, as amended. The renter confirms that he has received a copy by e-mail. In the residential properties of the Delta Immo GmbH is a copy of the house rules.

Please contact us for more information.